Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lily's First Christmas Ornament

Hi everyone!  We're almost two weeks away from Christmas... I think I've got it all under control: the cards have been sent, the presents are all purchased and wrapped, the decorations are up, and my husband is humbugging as usual.  Happy holidays too all, except him.

I saw a cute idea on Pinterest for an ornament for new baby Lily.  I bought a large clear ornament and grabbed the little hat she came home from the hospital in.  I threw it in the ornament along with her ID bracelets and a little bead bracelet a nice lady made for her.  Look how cute!

I just love it!  I'm thinking about finding the boys' things from when they were born and putting theirs in an ornament as well.  Yes, they're eight and four years old, but I will just pretend I made them years ago.  Let's keep that between us, shall we?
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  1. Very cute idea! I hate the shadow boxes to display this stuff cause it looks so boring.
    But this way you can revisit their births every year as well!

  2. This is a great idea! Last year our tree tipped over and my daughter's first Christmas ornament was shattered (the ONLY ornament that broke - of course it was a special one). I still have the pieces saved and was wondering if I could make a mosaic or something with them, but I think putting her hospital ID bracelet and hat in an ornament will be a nicer replacement!

  3. Where did you get the ornament itself?

    1. I was wondering the same, glad someone asked.

    2. I bet Michaels or Hobby Lobby would have them.

  4. I just saw this on facebook and had to come by, leave a comment and pin it. It is so adorable. What a great idea and keepsake.

  5. I just make the first one and add my baby's hat from the hospital, her first headband, ID bracelets, and the bead bracelet withe her name


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